TECTON GmbH Constructs „Specialty Plant” in St. Petersburg

The leading manufacturer of building materials in Russia, OAO Pobeda LSR, is constructing a state-of-the-art plant for the production of paver- and facing bricks as well as accessories and split tiles.
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The contract about the production line of the so-called paver brick plant was awarded to Tecton GmbH Keramikanlagen, as they had provided the most conclusive concept for the combination of three different product families in one single production facility. The basis for Tecton GmbH’s success over this challenging task lies in decades of experience and the extensive expertise of its staff and affiliated partners, Instalat b.v. (kiln manufacturer) and United Symbol s.r.l. (specialist for handling technology). The dryer is supplied by the drying specialist CeramDry GmbH, whereas the kiln car haulage system will be provided by Tecton’s long-standing partner Münstermann GmbH based in Telgte, Germany.
A chamber dryer is used in order to comply with all the different requirements of the diversity of products during the drying process. At the same time this guarantees a maximum of mutual flexibility with regard to the production flow before and after the drying process. The firing process is carried out inside of the 157 m long tunnel kiln providing a kiln car width of approximately 7 m. Depending on the product, the firing time may differ up to 46 hours. The tunnel kiln is equipped with two rows of each 16 top burner groups, as well as 10 two-rowed high-velocity burner groups inside of the complexly designed pre-heating zone. It has a flashing-device, which operates through reduction. Sufficient space as well as the required kiln car haulage technology is foreseen in order to provide a subsequent installation of a periodic kiln for the reduction firing of further special products or higher temperatures up to 1150°C. Providing an imburing, so-called blue-reduction-firing to the finished product, this kiln is one specialty of Instalat b.v.
After two extruders and cutting lines for bricks and split tiles the products are loaded and accordingly unloaded on the dryer car, using a mutual setting- and unloading device. The wet site of the plant is equipped with a sanding and texturing device. After the dried products have been unloaded, they are specifically distributed according to the product family, bricks or split tiles, to the pending kiln car loading device each with a fully automatic setting machine. Also a manual setting station is placed at the manufacturer’s disposal, which can be used for special or limited products. Before reaching the setting machine, the products can be engobed or glazed. The unloading of the fired products is carried out simultaneously to the loading process.
Naturally, the split tile plant compromises an automatic cracking system and allows the single packing into cardboard boxes. In the first step, the palletizing is made with a manipulator. In addition to a fully automatic color sorting by means of a camera recognition system, a fully automatic palletization is planned for the future. TECTON likewise supplies this type of individual plant, which belongs to the portfolio of United Symbol.

Of course the entire production process provides local access and visualization. In this way, every employee in charge of the production obtains a central overview of all parameters and the product quantities.